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Sitting for long periods of time, especially with bad posture, puts a lot of strain on your body. The consequences can range from back pain, neck ache and vein problems to a strain on your cardiovascular system.

To prevent this, it can make sense to do your work standing up. So if you have an office job, a height-adjustable desk can provide a lot of relief. Nevertheless, after a few hours – just like at the workbench in your workshop – you will notice that your body gets tired and you feel the need to sit down.

With our workstation mat you get the support you have been lacking!

It allows you to stand comfortably, which is easy on your feet and your back. 

Thanks to its antibacterial properties and its resistance to grease, chemicals and welding sparks, you can use the mat in your workshop without hesitation. Its material makes it easy to clean and it is very light. The anti-slip surface, as well as the bevelled edges, ensure your safety. No matter what conditions the workplace mat is exposed to, it offers the best support so that you can concentrate fully on your work.

Whether you are a cook in the canteen kitchen, an engineer in the office, a car mechanic in the workshop or a laboratory assistant, there is a design to suit you! If not, you can create your individual design in our mat generator. 

SERI MATS | Onlineshop für Sportmatten, Yogamatten, Kindermatten uvm.
Care instructions
SERI MATS | Onlineshop für Sportmatten, Yogamatten, Kindermatten uvm.
Data sheet

The following details will help convince you of the quality of our workplace mats!

! As your partner for workplace creative mats, we naturally ensure compliance with guidelines, regulations and EU standards. You can find out here at a glance which requirements our workplace mats meet:

  • All variants with a thickness of 16 mm, with bevelled edges
  • Customisable imprint
  • Full-surface, photo-realistic or partial printing of image, text or logo in bright colours
  • Highly flexible rubber material with antibacterial properties
  • Extremely durable material, resistant to oils, greases and chemicals
  • Resistant to welding sparks
  • Can be used in wet or dry areas 
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